What Clients Say

Autodesk, iMind, Primavera

"At iMind education systems, Andrew drafted the communications document I used as the content cornerstone for our communications program. He adroitly interviewed the key senior executive, drawing out relevant content and zeroing in on the most compelling angle. As a result, we placed the executive in a top-tier speaking engagement (with Andrew writing the speech) and parlayed it into coverage in the Washington Post… No matter the complexity, size or domain involved, I know that Andrew will provide me with the highest quality work… I call on him for everything, and he always delivers on time, on budget, and the mark."

- Andrew Carothers,
Consultant, author of The Publicity Handbook (McGraw-Hill, 2001)
and former PR or Marketing Communications Director

The California Endowment

"In working on our annual report, Andrew did a fantastic job of ramping up quite rapidly on some very complex health issues. But, more importantly, he crafted these issues into compelling, engaging, easy-to-understand features that truly brought our work to life. He effectively met all deadlines, despite some significant hurdles; and he was always poised, professional and focused on the goal of creating the best product possible."

- Manny Padilla,
Internal Communications Manager


"Andrew generates quality work that is creative, clear, and concise. Equally important, he is a strong listener. He asks tough and thought-provoking questions that enabled him to quickly understand our business and our industry, as well as the assignments and the goals … and I could always count on him to go that extra mile to meet demanding deadlines."

- Katherine Potter,
Public Relations Director

EMC Corporation

"Andrew has the rare ability to transform deeply technical and complex interviews into quantifiable and usable C-level executive value propositions — the type of nuggets that help our sales team accelerate revenue goals."

- Joan Powell,
Senior Product Manager

Exaro Medical Communications

"When I give Andrew Schwartz a project, I know I will receive a polished, well written document that meets our every expectation. His years of professional writing experience enable him to produce appropriate medical content for us that hits the mark. His attention to detail and ability to meet aggressive deadlines are two more reasons we value his work."

- Mindy Mascaro,
Director of Medical Content

First DataBank

"Andrew is always easy to work with…very professional, detail-oriented, learns quickly, and is able to elicit the key messages for various types of communications. He helped us overcome a hug hurdle in preparing our reengineered website for a brand new section on markets served and uses of our products. … He asks good questions for clarification, and is able to synthesize complex concepts and voluminous information into nicely written content."

- David Manin,
Director of Marketing

John Muir-Mt. Diablo Health Systems Community Health Fund

"Andrew provides the highest quality of service and work on time, every time. He is continually anticipating our needs as a client and offering suggestions for addressing new opportunities. … He is also an absolute joy to work with. … He is flexible, and easily available when we need his services."

- Grace Caliendo,
President and CEO


"Andrew is an outstanding communicator. He asks thoughtful, informed questions; listens carefully to the answers; and then synthesizes the information into lucid and thoroughly engaging prose for a variety of communications and marketing materials. A joy to work with."

- Azita Gandjei,
Product & Vertical Marketing Manager

Reden & Anders

"Andrew is…fun, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with… He quickly grasps the essence of what you are trying to say and is able to communicate it in simple, compelling ways. … He has a good ear for what will grab the attention of the reader… (and his) final product is consistently outstanding. … he makes our pieces so much easier to complete and so much better than if we used someone else or did them ourselves."

- Brad Fluegel,
former CEO, Reden & Anders

San Jose State University College of Business

"The annual report was a huge success with the board, global executives and potential donors. I was particularly pleased with the writing as for some time it had been a struggle to articulate the messages (we've been) trying to convey. … The writing and editing process was painless, and brought new perspectives to the communication of our mission and objectives."

- Jennifer Cauble,
former Associate Vice President University Marketing and Communications

Ted Michel Associates

"In my several years of work with Andrew Schwartz, he never failed to quickly grasp the strategic essence of a communications problem; to bring a sound (and frequently original) perspective to its solution; and to competently accomplish the task without ever leaving a disgruntled interviewee or editor in his wake. … During my twenty-odd years in strategic communications, I was fortunate enough to work with three writers whose talent and performance placed them in the very top percentile of this demanding profession. Two of them rose to head communications for Fortune 500 companies. Andrew Schwartz chose to go it alone: he now exemplifies why the nation's largest corporations retain freelancers, despite the depth and breadth of their internal departments."

- Ted Michel,


"Andrew is much more than a writer; he is translator, a sounding board, a product positioning expert and a communicator with a vision. He has become our guide to help us to position and articulate our message to our audiences. We are very satisfied with the expertise Andrew has provided us ... a real value-added service."

- Dan Conway,
Director of Public Relations

Towers Perrin

"Andrew is a consummate professional — an excellent consultant and an excellent writer. He has a passion not only for writing, but for understanding the issues he is writing about, and uses this passion to help us frame our messages and arguments. He has won accolades from everyone at the firm he has worked with."

- Jenny Emery,
Senior Vice-President, Reinsurance

"Andrew is a quick study…and a joy to work with… He does his homework thoroughly, and on several occasions recommended important content to the articles we were developing. Andrew's strength lies in not only the clarity and style of his writing, but also in his willingness to dig deeply into the content of the material. … He is very professional, always related to our staff very well and understood the need to have our articles and papers reflect the ideas of our staff. His ego is well under control and he truly strives to serve his clients to the best of his ability. … I highly recommend him for article and speech writing in the health industry."

- Howard R. Veit,
former Managing Principal, Health Industry Consulting

Univ. of California, San Francisco

"Andrew is great to work with. He understands the issues, takes a personal interest in the topics, and is always timely. Our newsletter has generated broad interest and helped us develop a community identity. Here are some comments from readers: 'The latest edition of Exchange is terrific.' 'This issue really begins to get across the idea of community as a different level of analysis and intervention. What may have seemed very abstract to a lot of people is conveyed with very nice substance in the articles.' 'It was smart, relevant, and had a nice edge.' "

- Susan Garritson,
Assistant Director, Center for Health and Community at UCSF

"Andrew has the patience of Job and an innate "cat herding" skill. He was uniquely well suited to working with a group of very busy and distracted faculty and, in his inimitable way, (through prodding, wooing, nudging, cajoling) helped me bring a complex project to completion. He asks just the right amount of questions, seeks just the right amount of guidance and, in the end, offers a polished and professional product. He is wonderfully service oriented, seeks to please, takes initiative, and is open to comment and critique. Simply could not ask for a better working relationship."

- Jeff Kilmer,
Director, Office of Student and Curricular Affairs, School of Nursing

(510) 528-7958  

Andrew is much more than a writer; he is translator, a sounding board, a product positioning expert and a communicator with a vision.

- Dan Conway,
Director of Public Relations,