Client: Stanford University Department of Surgery


The Department had a series of significant events at which it wanted to highlight its innovative leadership as a department of surgery.


It began over a decade ago with our development of the stent graft, a revolutionary treatment for aortic aneurysms, which are the thirteenth leading cause of death worldwide. Since that time, our Division of Vascular Surgery has helped lead the transition from big, open procedures to minimally invasive, endovascular approaches that are safer for patients.

Treatment for aneurysms used to keep patients in the hospital for a week or more. Full recovery could take as much as three to six months. With stent grafts patients can leave the hospital in a day or two and expect full recovery within a month - and sometimes as little as a week. In fact, stent grafts have become the standard procedure for treating aneurysms, having helped speed patient recovery and reduce the risks from aneurysms for more than fifty thousand patients around the world.

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In 2005, we created our first capabilities brochure with the purpose of communicating the success of our department over the prior seven years and our focus on the future. Andrew was instrumental in keeping us focused on this goal and helping to insure that this message was accurately and consistently applied throughout the publication.

- Brian David,
Director of Finance & Administration,
Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and Department of Surgery