Client: Reden & Anders


Reden & Anders, an Ingenix company, is an actuarial, management, and clinical consulting firm that specializes in financial and business decision support for the health care industry. CEO Brad Fluegel and I sensed an opportunity to use the firm's widely respected publication, Health Plan Adviser, to more strikingly and accurately convey Reden & Anders' consulting depth to its audience of health plan executives. The piece below was used to demonstrate the firm's expertise in managing medical cost trend.


Three years of double-digit premium increases have some large employers and industry analysts wondering whether health plans have lost their ability to control medical costs - a critical piece of health plans' value proposition to their clients. The reportedly insurmountable cost drivers include:

But consultants at Reden & Anders, along with a number of forward-thinking health plan executives, have seen strong evidence that a coordinated, ongoing trend management process can lower costs and maintain or improve outcomes.

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