Today, every piece you write — online, on screen, or on paper — has to advance a strategic concern and reflect the best your organization has to offer. "Written" communication matters more than it ever has before.

With that in mind, I help you create winning pieces for when you need more than a sound bite, when you need a writer who can convey complex ideas in straight-ahead language. I ask questions and listen carefully to your answers. Then I craft your thoughts into stories that illustrate the heart of what you want to say - and that leave a mark with professionals and laypeople alike.

I write most frequently about healthcare, high tech, and higher education, but have worked in many other fields and for organizations both large and small.

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Andrew is…fun, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with… He quickly grasps the essence of what you are trying to say and is able to communicate it in simple, compelling ways. … He has a good ear for what will grab the attention of the reader…(and his) final product is consistently outstanding. … He makes our pieces so much easier to complete and so much better than if we used someone else or did them ourselves.

- Brad Fluegel,
former CEO,
Reden & Anders